Active Release Techniques in Action In Colorado Springs CO

Active Release Techniques in Action In Colorado Springs CO

Active Release Techniques in Action In Colorado Springs CO

Our Colorado Springs CO chiropractors are here to help! Read this testimonial from one of our patients.

Testimonial from a Colorado Springs CO Active Release Technique Patient

"There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to have found Dr. Spaur and to be one of his patients.

I first saw Dr. Spaur during the volleyball season for shoulder pain and shin splints. I was referred to him because regular physical therapy was not helping me.

Dr. Spaur used Active Release Techniques (ART) and chiropractic techniques to quickly get me back on the court for a successful season. My biggest physical hurdle was an injury I received transitioning from volleyball to basketball. The podiatrist thought I had a stress fracture and put me in a walking boot for several weeks. However, my foot was not getting any better, and there wasn’t any sign of a stress fracture. So, I went to Dr. Spaur to see if he could help relieve the pain. He pinpointed ligament and tendon issues and, by using ART, was able to alleviate my pain. I was cleared to play again within the week.

Over the course of the year, I knew I could trust Dr. Spaur to help me recover quickly from every new injury, and my list was long: jammed fingers, shin splints, shoulder pain, foot and ankle injuries, and a concussion. I would like to thank Dr. Spaur for being incredibly supportive of me in all my sports, offering to be available during my state competitions, and helping me stay healthy to compete in each new athletic season."

- Shaylee Gee


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