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It’s Official…We Joined the Circus!

It's official... We joined the Circus! Champion Health's Dr. Brittany Haupt spent three days in June 2016 treating performers in #TheGreatestShowOnEarth! From the Clowns to the BMX riders to the Human Cannonball, our very own Dr. Brittany helped keep these...

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Pinnacle Weightlifting Classic

For USA Weightlifting athletes, there’s a constant stress put on their bodies. The intense demand on the muscles and joints as a weightlifter grasps the bar, plants their feet into the ground and lifts the weight (often heavier than themselves)...

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Champion Health has made its way to bustling Wall Street

The Wall Street Journal that is! Dr. Leahy and his innovative ART® treatment made the pages of this prestigious publication; ART® is being utilized on the Broncos sidelines, at Ironman Tri's and everyday folks are absolutely patients who are benefiting...

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Along the Broncos Sidelines

Along the broncos sidelines, you'll often find a Champion Health provider getting the pros back in the game. Sports Illustrated recently took notice of the benefits of taking care of your athletic tool -- your body with ART and physical therapy. Dr. Leahy...

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Boulder 5150 Triathlon

Champion Health was on the scene at the 5150 Triathlon in Boulder this week, as Dr. Wood was there to provide world class care to the 1300 contestants taking part in the 3 sport challenge-- the event is part of a series of international distance triathlons...

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Champion Health Associates Launches new Website

Champion Health Associates is proud to showcase their new FreshySites - Website Design website. FreshySites - Website Design company is a web design and web development agency, WordPress website design company and WooCommerce web developer. FreshySites is focused on...

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