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Dr. Brittany Haupt

Dr. Brittany Haupt is the newest doctor to the Champion Health team.  Dr. Haupt graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida (Cum laude) in March of 2015.  She is an outdoor adventurer, lifetime chiropractic patient, and an advocate for healthy lifestyles. 

Dr. Haupt moved to Colorado in January 2015 for her internship in the Vail Valley, then relocated to Colorado Springs in April 2015. 

Before Colorado and chiropractic school, Dr. Haupt attended Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise.  She grew up in the Northern Virginia region and is from Gainesville, Virginia.  She was an avid athlete throughout her years and was apart of school and club athletic teams year round. Dr. Haupt excelled in soccer, volleyball, and swimming.  Her summers often consisted of time spent at the family lake house.  Lake house activities ranged from waterskiing and wakeboarding to canoeing and fishing, as well as evening s’more roasting and card games. 

Having always been an athlete, health and optimal performance is exceptionally important.  Her mother, who is also a chiropractor, kept Dr. Haupt at the top of her game year round.  Although injuries are sometimes unavoidable, Dr. Haupt is able to use her experiences with aches, pains and rehabilitation techniques to better relate to and serve her patients.  

“A body at rest stays at rest; a body in motion stays in motion.”  

Let’s all get active today!

Champion Health has made its way to bustling Wall Street...

The Wall Street Journal that is! Dr. Leahy and his innovative ART® treatment made the pages of this prestigious publication; ART® is being utilized on the Broncos sidelines, at Ironman Tri's and everyday folks are absolutely patients who are benefiting from the practice too.  Dr. Leahy and his staff in Colorado Springs, along with their nationwide certified ART® therapists, are thrilled to share this article with you..."



Along the Broncos Sidelines

Along the broncos sidelines, you'll often find a Champion Health provider getting the pros back in the game. Sports Illustrated recently took notice of the benefits of taking care of your athletic tool-- your body with ART and psychical therapy. Dr. Leahy is featured in this "Mega-watt" issue, so whether you're an elite athlete like Peyton Manning or a weekend warrior looking to improve, you'll perform better when you feel better!


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