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Champion Health providers are professionals trained in state-of-the-art treatment techniques to reduce or eliminate pain and to help your body restore function and flexibility. Here are a few of the approaches that your Colorado Springs CO Chiropractor may choose to treat your specific condition.

ZHealth Performance Solutions in Colorado Springs CO


Pain relief, health, fitness and elite sport performance all exist on a continuum of movement governed by neurology. To maximize chiropractic results Champion Health providers apply their extensive knowledge of movement neurology, pain neurophysiology, visual and vestibular interactions with the musculoskeletal system, motor learning concepts, behavior modification approaches, and more.

ZHealth’s pain-free and highly effective drills enhances brain-body communications. Muscles fire at optimum performance levels when your body and nervous system work together efficiently. That means your body works faster, better, and with better control.

Who Is ZHEALTH Best For?

Anyone who is suffering pain, or who wants to lose fat and gain muscle mass, or who is training to increase strength and performance. The focus is on the nervous system which benefits all age and body types — from high school, amateur and professional athletes, to office and work-at home personnel, to seniors who want to keep active and improve balance. All of us can realize our best performance when we take this holistic approach to neurological and biomechanical synergy.

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RED Light Therapy

Soft tissue repair

Mitochondria, sometimes called the “power generators” of your cells, soak up this type of red light and make more energy. This helps muscle tissue cells repair themselves and become healthier.

  • Soft tissue treatment
  • Bone and joint injuries
  • Circulation
  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic joint pain
  • Strains, sprains, and tendonitis

ASA™ Balance Laser System

Relief for inflammation including allergies

The ASA™ Balance Laser scan identifies underlying causes to most inflammatory conditions which ultimately comprise your immune system and increase our sensitivities to foods and other allergens. The system recognizes 100,000 different issues within the endocrine system, nervous systems, food, allergens, digestive disorders, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and others. Once the allergen’s harmonic frequency is detected, the Chiropractor will perform immune conditioning by stimulating the distinct nerve bundles which teaches the immune response not to overreact when the actual allergen is in the environment.


Specific somatomotor nerve networks adjustment

The ArthroStim is a soft tissue and fascia percussion hand-held device used to precisely target and relieve the structures that torsion the joints.

These adjustments stimulate neural receptors. The brain learns the new condition of the affected area and sends self-correcting instructions to the body’s systems. The ArthroStim’s controlled repetitive motion is comfortable and efficient so very little force will start healing the area.

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Restorative massage for sports strain and injury recovery

The circulatory system delivers oxygen, nutrients and hormones to cells in the body and clears away toxins. Normatec inflates intermittently like natural blood flow which stimulates your body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to speed recovery, relieve pain and improve athletic performance.

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MedX® Strengthening

Flexation and rotation tables

The Champion MedX machines: Lumbar Extension, Cervical Extension, Thoracic Rotation, and Cervical Rotation, are engaged to support, strengthen and protect the spine. MedEx is successful in treating car accident patients with chronic back pain, neck pain, migraines.

MedX advanced the testing of human strength, endurance, and range of motion, validated by independent research teams at the University of Florida. MedX treatments have helped thousands of people reduce or eliminate their back pain while increasing their function and quality of life.

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Wave Therapy

Non-invasive treatment for chronic tendinopathy

Acoustic waves accelerate tissue repair and cell growth, analgesia, and mobility restoration:

  • New Blood Vessel Formation
  • Reversal of Chronic Inflammation
  • Stimulation of Collagen Production
  • Dissolution of Calcified Fibroblasts
  • Dispersion of Pain Mediator
  • Release of Trigger Points


Spine and disc relief

This form of therapy is an excellent choice for the person suffering from disc pathologies. Flexion-Distraction utilizes a special table that helps the chiropractor treat low back injuries, back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, and leg pain. This gentle and safe treatment helps to restore mobility to the lumbar spine, decrease disc pressure, decrease pressure on nerves, improve posture, and relieve back pain. A Flexion-Distraction treatment is soothing and does not involve any quick movements yet results in:

  • The posterior disc space increases in height
  • Flexion decreases disc protrusion and reduces stenosis.
  • Flexion stretches the ligamentum flavum to reduce stenosis
  • Flexion opens the vertebral canal by 2 mm or 3.5 to 6 mm.
  • Flexion increases metabolite transport into the disc.
  • Flexion opens the apopyhyseal joints and reduces posterior disc stress
  • Intradiscal pressure drops under distraction

Low Back Pain, Mechanism, Diagnosis, and Treatment. 7th Edition

Spine Rehab

Exercise to regain strength and reduce potential for reinjury

Over 31 million Americans suffer from back pain every single day. This pain is most common in the lumbar spine. It is one of the most common reasons for missed work. Back pain can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, and migrain headaches.

The complex system of bones, ligaments, muscles and joints of the back carries the weight of your body through practically every motion. Poor posture at your computer for extended periods and even nutritional deficiencies can disrupt alignment of the spine. Herniated discs and pinched nerves are extremely painful.

Pain medicine only masks the problems and surgeries require months of recuperation. Chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive and can fix the underlying misalignment to improve your posture, relieve your pain, and restore greater flexibility and range-of-motion to your body.


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