Back Pain Tips from a Colorado Springs CO Chiropractor

Back Pain Tips from a Colorado Springs CO Chiropractor

Back Pain Tips from a Colorado Springs CO Chiropractor

The back is an area that most individuals tend to have issues with at some time in their lives. Back discomfort is so frequent in modern life that many individuals just accept it and attempt to get by. Of course, anyone in the chiropractic profession or who studies anatomy knows that most back discomfort is unnecessary. A chiropractor can assist, but you can also help yourself. A Colorado Springs CO chiropractor offers excellent back pain suggestions.


Lifting large things requires a good form to avoid lower back strains and sprains. Whatever you lift, keep your back straight and use your legs to perform the majority of the effort. When we are fatigued, we don’t use our legs, yet this is a recipe for a back injury. When carrying a heavy thing, avoid twisting your body. You can turn by moving your feet until your body faces the proper way.

HEALTHY EATING in Colorado Springs CO

Most people don't think diet is important for spinal health, but it is. Drinking lots of water and eating nutritious foods will help you lose belly fat. The extra weight in your stomach generates an imbalance, tugging on your lower back muscles all day. Modify your diet if you have back discomfort and excess weight in your stomach.


Exercise is important for many reasons, but it can also cause back injuries if not done properly. Whatever workout you pick, make sure you warm up and cool down correctly. Many want to start lifting weights or playing sports immediately, but their back muscles are still chilly and stiff. Look for a workout that suits your fitness level and protects your back throughout.


People sit significantly more than they used to. Long hours at a computer might be harmful to your health. Because the human body is built to move, sitting all day compresses the spinal discs. Obviously, you can’t always change jobs on a whim to one that requires more standing, but you may get up and walk about every hour to relieve stress. Contact our Colorado Springs CO chiropractic staff for additional back pain advice.

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