How Does ART Work In Colorado Springs CO

How Does ART Work In Colorado Springs CO

How Does ART Work In Colorado Springs CO

ART Explained, Part 3 of 4

It all starts with figuring out the mechanisms in play. Anatomy, histology, biochemistry, and tissue science are all a part of it. You put all that knowledge together to understand the mechanisms. Once you understand the mechanisms, it’s a much shorter road to treat the issue.

For example, if you understand inertia, stress and strain, forces in speed and acceleration, and angles of force, then you can see a runner run or a pitcher throwing a baseball, and then you can see where the deficiencies are mechanically. You then apply your anatomy and understanding of what happens to the tissues during the activity. Once you understand all of the mechanisms, you learn how those mechanisms play out in a given muscle or nerve or a combination of both by watching and feeling the patient. I have developed over 700 procedures to correct the problems in individual tissues.

How is ART different from traditional chiropractic treatment in Colorado Springs CO?

All the providers at Champion Health are chiropractors certified in ART. We can bring patients the best of both treatment modalities. When applying ART, we determine the actual root issue instead of focusing just on the location of the pain. We put our hands on the patient and feel for the soft tissues generating the pain and altered movement.

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