Chiropractic For Athletes In Colorado Springs CO

Rebecca Curtis turns to Dr. Wood to maintain her rigorous training schedule In Colorado Springs CO

Chiropractic For Athletes In Colorado Springs CO

Champion Health Associates in Colorado Springs CO is the ‘birthplace” of Active Release Techniques (ART), the gold soft tissue care standard. Professional athletes from all sports and from all over the globe travel to Champion Health Associates for ART treatments to maintain peak performance.

ART Testimonial from a Colorado Springs CO athlete

"I first encountered Dr. Wood and Dr. Leahy of Champion Health Associates in the 90s at a running clinic where they videotaped my running. I discovered I was knocking my knees while running. So, I began seeing Dr. Wood to help me run straight!

Boston Marathon – Here I Come!

As every runner knows, qualifying for the Boston Marathon is quite a feat. It requires tremendous hard work, dedication, and talent. When I qualified for the Boston Marathon, I was ecstatic! However, I qualified in the fall of 2016 after the cut-off to run in 2017. So, I had to wait until 2018 to apply to run. (I had my fingers crossed that they would allow me to run—they did!) In the meantime, I kept my training up at a rigorous level to enable me to meet this goal 2 years later. The worst part of training for the Boston Marathon was training during the winter months in Colorado. I had never trained for a marathon during winter, only in the summer and fall months.

Regular treatments with Dr. Woods kept me healthy

Sadly, with my demanding training schedule, I acquired overuse injuries. The more I trained, the tighter and more painful my hamstrings and glutes got. I had experienced hamstring strains in the past and did not want that to happen. I was also experiencing some hip rotator issues. As a result, I incorporated regular visits to Dr. Wood as part of my regular training regimen. My hip, buttock, and hamstring issues were resolved through weekly sessions with Dr. Wood. I was obviously continuing to train, so I did a lot of foam rolling and icing between my therapy visits.

When race day arrived, I was prepared both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, the weather for the race was less than ideal, with freezing rain and an ice storm. My legs and hands were frozen by the end of the race, so my finish line photo looks like I was trying to fly!

The best part was the day after the race I had no issues walking around Boston, or going up or down stairs because of all my therapy sessions with Dr. Wood. Amazing!

I felt so good after completing the Boston Marathon that I went on to run the Original Athens Marathon in Greece in November of the same year. Then, of course, I saw Dr. Wood after Boston and in the build-up to Athens, and I continue to see him regularly to keep me in tip-top racing form!"

- Rebecca Curtis


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